Facebook App Installs Management for fast-growing App & Mobile Game Companies

If your business has made a significant investment in getting an app launched, yet lack in-house expertize to manage your Facebook App Installs campaigns, we can help. Guaranteed.


Lead Layer is a high touch, done-for-you Facebook Ads Installs management service & software company for businesses with an app already in the App Stores.

Right now, you´re probably stuck in one of these 3 things..

    • You want more App Downloads. Having the ability to find customer exactly for your App & Game to scale your business.
    • Not knowing how to monetize outside of the App Store with your Email Marketing List, Mobile Affiliate Marketing and Info Products.

Hey Jorge Díaz here... i am a Facebook App Install & Growth Hacking expert and i want to help you grow your mobile app business. I have built 350 Apps and more than 1.5 million downloads over all my app portfolio.

Scale your mobile app & game with the Facebook Ads Platform.

Facebook it´s the biggest social network, there is no doubt about it. With more than 1.6 Billion active people on their platform, there is a market that want to download your mobile app and game.

Let me ask you something...

Did you made your App with an external developer or an agency? Your App is intended to complement your main business and certainly provide a positive return on investment.​

You've made the investment to get an app built, but now there's no one there to help you make the most of that investment.

The App Stores is a brutally competitive place, and you need to make sure your app has every chance to succeed, with new app downloads every single day. Not just relying on ASO (App Store Optimization) or a PR Launch Campaign. The process we have at Lead Layer for getting downloads from Facebook Ads for mobile apps it's this:

  • Strategy: Collaborating with your team to determine the overall strategy and goals
  • Ad Creation: Creating the image and copy layout that result in the most conversions.
  • Campaign Management: Day to Day review and optimization of your campaigns
  • Perform A/B testing of Ad Creatives: Data driven tests that continuously improve results.
    • REPORTING & ANALYSIS: A monthly report clearly showing what's working best

Your App & Game is not getting the downloads it deserves

​You and your team have put a lot of time and effort into designing and coding your App. Now, you need the downloads your App or Game deserves. It's your creation and you have put the monetization in place in order to make a positive ROI.

Now you need to Scale and get Downloads to monetize your App.​

But you're busy running your business. And the developers (or agency) you used to develop the app is either too busy with their next project, or they are not the Mobile Traffic Experts you need to get mobile app installs that are crucial to you app's success.

So you're stuck - you've spent a significant amount of money on an app you know could be getting better rankings, more downloads and have a bigger impact on your bottom line if it only got the attention it needed.

LTV, ARPU, ROAS, Attributions, Uhu?

All this Jargon confuses you a lot, and that overwhelms and paralize you. Let us handle those metrics for you and the only thing you need to know is our reports of your Positive ROI and Getting Downloads for your App.

We launch and design your campaign to reach the goals you have in mind. We create different Ad creatives, Custom Audiences to reach just the right audiences in Facebook & Instagram.

We can reach your target audience easily with the powerful Facebook Ads Tools. We can target similar people that have downloaded your app but haven't downloaded it yet! Facebook Ads Gold mine!

We will continue getting new campaigns, down the pipeline, do A/B split test on image creatives that give you better return on investment. We suggest and go for the best sources of traffic watching at the Attribution SDK we suggest you to install on your mobile app.

We Take The Burden Completely Off Your Plate

You need someone who can provide preemptive, rapid, continual and measurable App installs for your app.

You don't need to be a Facebook App Install Expert and create Ads and Measure a return on investment, let us help you manage that part of your business. 

Without derailing your in-house engineers or staff.

You need someone who can:

  • Create New Ad Creatives Every Month and Do A/B Split Test to Improve Campaign ROI
  • Do Market & Demographic Research to Reach the Best Audience that will Download and Buy from your App
  • Measure the Metrics that Matter the Most like Life Time Value per User and Knows how much to Spend on an App Install to Return a Positive ROI
  • Be there Supporting you in your App Growth Hacking Journey

Month by month your App is revived until it's everything you'd originally hoped it would be. Instead of a "problem child," you will have:

  • The Design, Build and Deploying of your Facebook App Install Campaigns.
  • Knowing Your App will Get New Downloads Every Single Day
  • Taking Advantage of the Best Marketing Channel: Facebook App Installs
  • Much Better Reviews
  • Higher Ratings
  • More Downloads

Instead of that lingering feeling of disappointment or frustration, you feel renewed hope.

Lead Layer App Boost: The Easiest Way To Rapid, Measurable App Downloads

Lead Layer App Boost is a high-touch, concierge Facebook Apps Installs management service for businesses with an app already in the AppStore or on Google Play.

As a Lead Layer App Boost customer, we assume total responsibility for your Facebook App Installs. You won't have to hold our hand, but if you need to get a hold of us, we'll be there.

How It Works:

  • We Install Cutting Edge, Best-of-Breed Traffic Attribution SDKs & Services.
  • Our World Class App Experts Monitor And Act on That Data.
  • We Perform Unlimited Ad Campaigns, App Custom Audiences And Retargeting Campaigns on Demand.

​$ 2,497 USD / Month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


( This price is effective if your Ad Spend is between $1,000 USD and $10,000 USD per month)

This price is only for a limited time, if you subscribe now you will keep whatever rate you come in on for the length of our relationship.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up with your credit card, and we offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee - if you're not ecstatic with how we're getting Facebook app installs, then we don't want your money.

Grow your App & Game Business with the power of the most lucrative digital marketing channel: Email Marketing

Lead Layer helps mobile app developers grow their business with a simple yet effective strategy, creating their own email subscriber list that is essential for every online business. Email Marketing is still the most profitable marketing channel (via Campaign Monitor)​

I created 1App - 1 free app every day and built an Email List Inside a Mobile App and got more than 55,000 subscribers that GAVE me their Email Address.

We Integrate Lead Layer with your Mobile App & Game:

  •  Start integration the SDK in 5 minutes with 10 lines of code.
  • Connect to the Most Popular Email Marketing Software or your own CRM.
  • We create desing & create high converting Ready-to-Use Templates

This is How Lead Layer Works

1App Generated 47,580*+ emails with LeadLayer

*this number is have grown to 55,000 and counting email opt-in subscribers.

Grow your Mobile App & Game Business 

  • Lead Layer helps you make more money from your mobile apps and games.
Earn money from your mobile apps
  • Maximize Your Apps Lifetime Value per User (LTV) 

With the help of Email Marketing you can increase the LTV of your Apps. Email marketing  is still the most profitable digital marketing channel. via Campaign Monitor

Email marketing is the most lucrative digital marketing channel
  • Get 5 star reviews & get more traffic

Ask for 5 Star Reviews in Exchange of Something of Value to your Email Subscribers, this can be done via Email Marketing. Improving your App rating is a sure fire way to get better rankings and getting more app store traffic.

5 star app store rating

​$ 2,497 USD / Month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


( This price is effective if your Ad Spend is between $1,000 USD and $10,000 USD per month)

This price is only for a limited time, if you subscribe now you will keep whatever rate you come in on for the length of our relationship.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up with your credit card, and we offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee - if you're not ecstatic with how we're getting Facebook App Installs, then we don't want your money.

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Jorge Díaz
Founder of Lead Layer
App Landing Page Software


Jorge Díaz is founder of the world first App Landing Page Mobile SDK for App Developers. He has published more than 350 apps on the Apple, Google and Amazon App Stores with more than 1.5 million downloads across his App Portfolio.

Jorge it's a Facebook Apps Install, list building and email marketing expert. He is helping people around the world, on how to make more money from Mobile Apps with Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Info Product Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

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